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LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Homeowners who took on mortgages well after the housing bubble burst are doing a better job in keeping up with payments, a trend that has helped push the national rate of late payments on home loans to the lowest level in four years.

The percentage of mortgage holders at least two months behind on their payments fell in the fourth quarter to 5.19 percent from 6.01 percent a year earlier, credit reporting agency TransUnion said Tuesday.


Home equity loans
When homeowners need a lump sum or a revolving credit line for a specific cost, many consider home equity loans as a first option to meet the financial need.
Home equity loans are generally based on a given percentage (usually 80 percent) of your home's appraised value, minus your remaining mortgage balance. For example, if your home were appraised at $150,000, 80 percent of that total would be $120,000. If your remaining unpaid mortgage is $80,000, the available equity that you can borrow would be $40,000.
Will the Obama Mortgage Lower My Payments?
After the announcement of the Obama Mortgage, formally known as the Making Home Affordable program, many homeowners found new hope to avoid default and foreclosure on their homes. The Making Home Affordable program or Obama mortgage may be the homeowner relief you’re looking for.


Refinancing auto loans is preferable to missed payments


If it looks like you're going to miss a payment on your auto loan, you might be tempted to panic and worry about your credit score taking a significant hit. But if you instead choose to refinance car loans, you'll likely end up walking away with a much easier payment schedule.


Flexible Re-payment Loans for Your Small Business


Public sector banks also see drop in defaults

New Delhi, Nov. 18: 

Home loan takers have brought cheer to public sector banks this year.

The first six months’ figures show that total outstandings reached almost 96 per cent of 2011-12 figures and more than that in the entire 2010-11.

Most importantly, non-performing assets (NPAs) have declined in all home loan categories, at a time when overall NPAs are rising alarmingly.

October 21, 2012
Govt is trying to counter outflows with inflows to avoid pressure on forex reserves. ILLUSTRATION: JAMAL KHURSHID


The government is locked in frantic diplomatic efforts in order to secure $1.5 billion in the least possible time to avoid the likely resurgence of a balance of payments crisis due to an upcoming lump-sum repayment to the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Sydney: Australians have an unusual habit of paying off their mortgages much faster than borrowers in most other rich nations, a valuable trait that gives households a safety buffer were the economy to slow sharply.

Around half of all borrowers are ahead on mortgage payments, the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) reported on Tuesday, a level only reached by Canada among developed nations.

Sep 24, 2012

Although student loans have given Stony Brook University students effective plans and strategies to pay for university tuition, books, meal plans and living expenses, they may cause student loan debt and repayment difficulties after graduation.

“As education and housing costs rise, more students are finding that student loans do not cover all of their expenses,” said Patrick Lunsford, an editor at insideARM.com, a debt collection website. “So many students are turning to other types of loans like personal loans or credit cards, to fill the gaps.”

Does it make financial sense to pay off student loans quickly?

Should you pay off your student loans quickly?

3:48 PM, Sep 10, 2012   |  

Students celebrate at Rutgers University's commencement ceremony in May. / AUGUSTO F. MENZES/STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER

Feeling trapped under a mountain of student loan debt?

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